Saturday, November 28, 2009

Roulette strategy ebook

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Best Roulette Strategy

My roulette system:

1. Only use the roulette tables with 1 x 0 on the board - not the ones with 2 zeros.
Only use it with a human croupier spinning the wheel.
The best I find is with a human croupier, but computer button bet placement as you can just hit recall quickly to place your bets.
It's got to be a person spinning though, that's important.
2. Wait until any number, that is situated on the roulette board, 5 positions either side of the zero (immediately adjacent to it).
3. Bet on zero, and the five numbers immediately adjacent to it, on both the left and the right.
4. You will end up putting down 11 bets, all on single number bets. So if $1 min, then you spend $11 per spin.
5. If your spin that you place the bet wins..........then you are finished Don't bet again.
6. If your spin that you placed the bet loses, then bet one more time on the same numbers. You can doubles your bet to $2 per number, but I generally don't up the stakes as that's more of a staking issue than a betting one. You can even double until such time as the numbers pop up, so you could have $50 per number.
7. Win or lose on the 2nd sit out now until any of the 11 numbers pop up again. You've got to be patient, that's the hardest part.
8. Soon as one of the 11 numbers appear, repeat system again by betting on the 11 numbers once (if wins) or twice maximum

Have fun!